Skill Warz

v0.26 [27.07.2018]

You can download game from

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AU Map Editor

v1.2 [12.05.2018]

If you want to help with map creation,
you can use this tool and show us your ideas (map layouts).
Submit your maps here: Level Design

Windows x64: DOWNLOAD
Windows x86 (32 bit): DOWNLOAD


Key M, Esc, or Tilde | Open menu
Key WASD | Move
Key Shift | Run (hold)
Key Ctrl | Crouch
Key C | Prone
Key Space | Jump

Key Q | Switch between Free camera and Player
Key F | Turn On/Off flashlight
Left Mouse Button | Create cube
Right Mouse Button | Destroy cube
Middle Mouse Button | Replace cube
Mouse Wheel | Switch Cubes

Keys 1-6 | Switch between prefabs
Key E | Place prefab

Key F5 | Take screenshot

Also try out new Map Editor: Skill Warz Map Editor
New editor is in development and we need your feedback.