orlandosalta harassing me

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orlandosalta harassing me

Post by Tristenns » 13 Jul 2018

So Gabs and I were just playing gun game and deathmatch together, then in gungame this guy joins in and we have perks enabled in our game, and he all of a sudden starts calling us "nigga" and "faggots". We literally did nothing to him. You may contact the username "Gabs", he is brazilian but speaks decent english, he plays on EU servers as do most of everyone, because thats the default, and no one else plays on any other regions.
Again, his username is orlandosalta. We would both like to see some sort of punishment, thank you.

Tristen William Reed.

Here are the pictures I was able to get below.
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Post by OneManArmy » 13 Jul 2018

Swearing and insult is against rules, but it is NOT cheating. Please don't report here.
If someone continually insults you, then create topic in "General Discussion"

If admin is online and sees that someone is swearing, he can warn/ban players.
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Post by orlandosalta » 14 Jul 2018

I was not "harassing him" as you can see I was swearing at him because he was not only bending the tides of the game my Spawn Killing but he was being a what should we call it? Lets just say a Idiot.
Also this was the guy who also Complained/Swore at me when I stopped and killed them when they were playing a "Knife only fight".
I mean anyone with common sense should see this player as very Dumb and most of a all a Sore Loser.
Edit: Oh and also I ending up destroying him and he raged and left the game!
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Post by P3KK » 14 Jul 2018

Your actions are inappropriate and that's the end of it. If you are winning against another team that does not give you the right to swear and insult them and it just proves your immaturity and shows your toxic behavior. I'm giving you a warning for now and further repetition of your actions will lead to a ban. This game is made to have fun in so people insulting and swearing at them does not improve this experience.