Hello,coming from Modern FPS :)

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Hello,coming from Modern FPS :)

Post by KaiILPAZZO » 06 Aug 2018

Hello to everyone! Maybe someone will already know me from the game,but i decided to register here only now. I'm a videogame developer,kind of. I have a 3 years project that is based on the FPS Kit but it's very slow because me and another friend have very few time to develope it lately,but since i saw that i can create maps for the game i want to try to make some of them so i will probably post the maps one day : ) Anyways,like the title says,i played and enjoyed alot Modern FPS (i even did a crappy video years ago about it) and this new "version" with this new name it's really cool! (If i have to be 100% honest with the devs,the name would've been much better as "SkillWars" and it needs a better icon).
I really hope to make new and good friends with this game : )
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Post by MrTitix » 07 Aug 2018

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Post by supra » 08 Aug 2018

Welcome, enjoy your stay :D
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